Our goal is to provide the best veterinary care available to your pets, working within each pet owners’ philosophies and budgets. We are a fully equipped hospital, and can provide care from the puppy and kitten stages through to the senior pet. Board certified orthopedists, cardiologists and radiologists can provide care on site, and we help coordinate other specialty care if the need arises. We are a family owned and operated clinic, which allows us to practice as we deem appropriate.

Dr. David Imboden and Dr. Cathy Levy are a married veterinary team and have practiced together at Mt Hermon Veterinary Clinic for over 25 years. They have happily raised their 3 daughters in Scotts Valley and consider themselves an integral part of the community. They enjoy supporting various civic, school, and sports programs (and are particularly pleased to sponsor our wonderful SV police dog Atlas!).

Dr. Imboden graduated from UC Davis with a bachelors in Physiology and received his DVM at University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine. He has been practicing in California since 1980. Dr. Cathy Levy grew up in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Biology/Ethology and received her DVM degree from Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine, trained at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital and practiced in the Boston area before moving to California. They have practiced together at Mt.Hermon Veterinary Clinic since 1991. They are both experienced and devoted clinicians, yet still feel excited and committed to the continued education needed to stay abreast in the field.

“We feel honored and blessed to have been a part of family’s lives through the generations. The animals are our focus, but the personal relationships are our added bonus in this very rewarding work.”

The staff at Mt Hermon Vet Clinic have spent their entire careers working in veterinary medicine. The veterinary field is difficult emotional work, and no one stays in the profession unless wholly devoted to the care and wellness of the animals; your pets. Drs. Levy and Imboden feel fortunate to work with such a compassionate and capable staff, most of whom have chosen to work with us for over 10 yrs.

Mt Hermon Veterinary Clinic is a fully equipped high quality veterinary practice providing excellent care with an old fashioned, family style feel.

Dedicated to Excellence… Devoted to Compassion