Common Medical Ailments for Felines in the Scotts Valley Area

Cats can seem to be pretty self-sufficient, but when it comes to cat medical care and concerns, they rely on you for their safety. Mt. Hermon Veterinary Clinic advises cat and kitten owners in Scotts Valley to watch out for the following common feline medical conditions:

  • Lower urinary tract diseases are common in cats that are overweight, eat only dry food, or that experience stress and sudden change. Symptoms of this illness include difficulty or changes in urinating or licking as well as depression, dehydration and loss of appetite. These behaviors represent an emergency. Contact the vet immediately.
  • Eye problems can be caused by infections, trauma, inflammation and disease. Symptoms may include watery eyes, cloudiness, build-up in the eyes and squinting. Your veterinarian may be able to identify the illnesses and provide a treatment.
  • Tapeworms lead to some of the most common feline ailments. This condition can be recognized by symptoms of vomiting and weight loss. The worms may be visible in the cat’s stool. The doctor may deliver an injection or an oral or topical medication.
  • Diarrhea may be caused by something as simple as bad food or as dangerous as liver disease. This concern may last for a single day or for months. If you notice that your cat has diarrhea, provide plenty of clean water and contact your vet if the problem persists. Symptoms of vomiting may include drooling and heaving. Although you might watch diarrhea carefully for a few days, vomiting should prompt an immediate call for medical care.
  • Fleas represent more than just an annoying condition—they could lead to tapeworm or anemia. Symptoms include constant scratching or licking, hair loss and irritated skin. Talk to the vet about flea control.

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